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Malware/Triage/Reverse Engineer - Columbia, MD 21044 - US

Job Posting Information
Employer : Thomas Sharp
Job Title : Malware/Triage/Reverse Engineer
Location : Columbia, MD 21044 - US
Reference Code :
Job Type : Direct-Hire / Permanent Full-Time
Minimum Clearance Level : TS/SCI plus Full-Scope Polygraph (Lifestyle)
Date Modified : 09-27-2020
Salary : (not listed)
Additional Salary Information :
Career Level : Experienced (Non-Manager) 5+ Years of Experience
Education Level : Bachelors
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Job Description

Malware/Triage/Reverse Engineer
Location: Ft. Meade, MD
Clearance: TS/SCI Full Scope poly

Job Responsibilities:

• Malware Triage; All host and network forensics and malware analysis activities up to but stopping short of disassembly of code (static analysis). This includes such activities as:
o Capturing file system and memory images of an operating host and using those as the basis for further analysis. Additionally, receiving the images of an operational host from an external source and knowing how to analyze it.
o Before and after snapshots of file systems and registry keys to identify changes
o Identification of hidden files, temporary files, and hidden processes and threads
o Creation of hashes and comparing them to hashes of known malware
o Setting up virtual machines with malware analysis tools, malware, and then executing malware to perform some dynamic analysis
o Setting up network sensors to capture and analyze command and control traffic emanating from executing malware


GREM certifcation
Experience with OLLYDBG/IDA tools

Others are:

• Autopsy
• BackTrack
• Bin Text
• Burp Suite
• Cain and Abel
• CaptureBat
• Depends
• ExtractorUI
• FireEye
• FPort
• H2ping
• Hash Tools
• Hexplorer
• IDA Pro
• Kismet
• Malzilla
• Nessus
• Netcat
• NetStat
• Netstumbler
• OfficeMalScanner
• P0f
• Packer Cracker
• Paros Proxy
• Process Explorer
• Process Hacker
• Process Monitor
• PwDump
• QUnpack
• Regshot
• Rootkit Revealer
• ServiceHarness
• Sluethkit
• Snort
• Socat
• Superscan
• Sysinternals Suite
• TcpDump
• TCPView
• Trip Wire Enterprise
• VMware
• WinCMP3
• Wireshark
• ZenMap