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DoDIntelJobs.com proudly partners with JobZone Job Fairs, the Mid-Atlantic's top Defense and Intelligence Job Fair company.

Event Details
Location: Patuxent River, MD (Southern Maryland) - IN-PERSON/VIRTUAL
Date: 11/16/2021
Times: 3:00PM - 7:00PM
Address: Bay District Vol Fire Dept Social Hall,46900 S. Shangri-La Dr., Lexington Park, MD 20653


This event is being held as both IN-PERSON (3-7pm) and VIRTUAL (4-7pm)
IN-PERSON - 3pm-7pm ET
Location: Bay District Vol Fire Dept Social Hall, 46900 S. Shangri-La Dr., Lexington Park, MD 20653 (minutes from Patuxent River Naval Air Station).
3-5 Reserved for Military, Family, Veterans, Cleared Candidates & 5-7 open to all job seekers

VIRTUAL - 4pm-7pm ET
JOB SEEKER REGISTRATION URL LINK for connecting online with companies is below. Premier Virtual recently launched - v2.7.0 New Features and Enhancements - so if you have attended our past Premier Virtual events previously with JobZone, then you will need to register again via the URL link below (Username: email and give yourself a password/Save for the day of the event).

(copy and paste in browser)
Masks are required! We request that all attendees have had vaccines.
Social distance will be monitored. We encourage attendees to use Hand sanitizer often while in the job fair area. Any new announcements or updates on safety protocol will be shared by email with pre-registrants or continue to re-visit the website for new updates.

Visit the website to confirm ‘how companies will be participating’.
Attend in-person and online (virtual) to connect with all companies.
Register-Post-Link resume online- www.JobzoneOnline.com. Companies will have access to the resume database, so register early. All pre-registrants will receive updates on companies prior to the event along with a draft floor plan.

All job seekers are welcome. Take the time to view company listing and job requirements. A floor plan will be finalized prior to the event. If you would like a copy in advance, contact JobZone. Register online (www.JobZoneOnline.com). Be prepared to drop off a copy of your resume upon arrival. Bring copies of your resume to share with companies.
Continue to re-visit www.JobZoneOnline.com for new company updates as some are pending. Register online (post-link resume to event for inclusion in the resume database shared with companies)
Masks are required on the day of the event.
Professional dress is required (or military uniform).
Bring copies of your resume.
Those who have not pre-registered in advance are requested to drop off copies of resumes at the registration table.
IN-PERSON RESUME ASSISTANCE... Bill Golden (Intelligence Careers) will be recruiting and also offering resume review and career tips primarily for intel-related jobs and DoD careers. He is always open for assisting job candidates.
Any new updates will be updated prior to the day of the event.

Department of Labor Veterans Program representatives and Transition Assistance Program Manager (FFSC) will be available to assist with registration, networking & employment information for military, veterans and family members.

We encourage all interested candidates to register online early (WWW.JOBZONEONLINE.COM) to have resume included in the resume database which is accessible to participating organizations.
We also recommend that you plan your schedule in advance for an opportunity to network with all companies at both setups, In-Person and Virtual.

Please note that the majority of companies are attending IN-PERSON and only a few are confirmed for the VIRTUAL setup and others are pending. See listing of companies below. All companies are linked with more information.

VIRTUAL - companies participating online are: Precise Systems, Re$ume Xpert (Resume counseling), Trinity Washington University & Intelligence Careers are participating in both VIRTUAL & IN-PERSON). Others are pending for both setups.

FREE RESUME ASSISTANCE online from 4-7pm. Phyllis Houston (Re$ume Xpert) will be offering a FREE Resume Review online. Her email for connecting in advance is phyllis_houston@msn.com.

Companies should be confirmed and have their profiles and job vacancy information complete prior to the day of the event. Depending on the number of companies participating online, the virtual platform most likely will be available for candidates to login and be able to view the company profiles and job vacancy list prior to the day of the event. New Announcement for this will be shared with pre-registrant or revisit the website for new updates.

Training Video and other training notes are accessible once registered and logged in.
You will have customer support, technical support available to you before, during and after the job fair.
The platform has its own video chat. Recruiters may request your permission for a video chat.
Companies will have instant access to your resume; ensure that your resume is updated.

Contact JobZone to reserve your space. Resume Database Access will be available to all participating companies the next day.

Email janet.giles@jobzoneonline.com or call 434-263-5102/540-226-1473.

HIGHLIGHTS OF PARTICIPATING COMPANIES will continually be updated online.

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