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Event Details
Location: Fort Gregg-Adams Club, VA
Date: 12/13/2023
Times: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
Address: Building 9009, Battle Drive, Fort Gregg-Adams, VA 23801


All industries are invited!

This event will be held as IN-PERSON (The Lee Club) and VIRTUAL. Companies have the option to participate In-Person, Virtual or both. Continue to re-visit the website to confirm 'how companies will be participating'.

All job seekers who have access to the military installation are invvited.

Attend in-person and virtual to connect with all companies.
Address on site: The Lee Club, Building 9009 Battle Drive.
• View updates online prior to attending.
• Bring copies of your resume.
• Professional dress or business casual recommended (or military uniform)

-Must have a CAC card or Military ID for base entry
Access to the Fort Lee military installation:
If you do NOT have an installation pass: Gate has 100% ID check.
You must enter the VCC (Visitor Control Center) building to request a day's pass. (ADDRESS: 500 Lee Avenue, Fort Lee, VA). To SAVE time, you may submit a request by email (Janet.Giles@JobZoneOnline.com) to be added to the Security List for base approval. This will eliminate some time when entering the VCC to collect your pass.
Follow the guidance presented on the Fort Lee website for entering the base if doubts concerning entry. (Visitor Information :: U.S. Army Garrison Fort Lee )
For advanced approval for base entry, submit the following information to be included on the DES FORM 190-2 (Last/First/Middle Initial Name / Sex / Date of Birth / SSN / DL / ID # / State / Expiration).
DEADLINE: (at least 8-10 days prior to the day of the event).
Names will be processed for approval.
Those that do NOT submit in time will need to have all required ID and vehicle registration in compliance for entry on the installation. (Driver's LIcense (Registration and Insurance info, if requested).

JOB SEEKER URL LINK to connect online -

• Register/Login via URL link or scan the QR Code.
• Take advantage of the training video prior to chatting with companies.
• View Company profiles and job vacancies prior to chatting.
• Video Chats (optional).

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